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It was unsettling, to say the least, when domestic terrorists took over the Capitol Building, supported by an emotionally-damaged president and an assortment of family members, cronies and elected leaders. Like most residents of the United States, I could only watch in disbelief.

Yes, many questions remain about how it was organized and enabled with many law enforcement providing what might be described as a “hands off” approach. …

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Living through a pandemic in physical isolation means how we view our box determines our state of mind.


Living in a one-room, 500 square foot box during a pandemic has its positive aspects that include far less time mopping and far more time solving our state’s biggest challenges. I realize my “turning lemons into lemonade” philosophy may not be for everyone, but allow me to sketch it out for you.

Back in March, when the governor’s first press conference announcing public health guidelines for pandemic prevention began in New Mexico, I was literally in a Santa Fe conference room in the middle of doing a presentation to public health advocates on health disparities. I was sharing survey results illustrating families’ lack of access to medical care along with nine other vital services. …

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If not you, who? If not now, when?

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020 by the World Health Organization. That was almost nine long, grueling, confusing and deadly months ago. In March, every elected leader in the country, including our mayors, city council members, county commissioners, school board members, state senators and representatives and all member of congress, should have been focused on answering the following ten questions in order to develop a national, state, county and city strategic plan to prevent the pandemic.


  1. How do we collect, analyze and publish the most timely data to guide prevention strategies?
  2. How do we ensure enough COVID-19 tests and testing sites? …

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You have important questions.

To be an active participant in this experiment called “surviving in the USA,” you’ll need answers.

  1. How do you survive the pandemic?
  2. How do you thrive in this disrupted economy?
  3. Who’s in charge of fixing this mess?
  4. How do we make your city crisis-proof?
  5. Which so-called leaders are destroying your future?
  6. How do you fix a national nightmare on the local level?
  7. Who’s making sure our grandparents and all elders are OK?
  8. How are all our kids doing through this crisis?
  9. How can technology help us humans?
  10. What can you do — today — to be part of the solution?

Fight! Survive! Thrive!

Please excuse any typos as I construct an article at 3am on only one cup of Joe. These stories are mine and mine alone. I do not represent any organization here. If one of my illustrations looks like a real human or three-headed hydra, that’s total coincidence. Words and images ©Dominic Cappello but share with everyone you know. Questions? …


Dominic Cappello

A NY Times bestselling author, social justice activist, Oprah guest, co-author of Attack of the Three-Headed Hydras, 100% Community and Anna, Age Eight.

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