Altruists are fixing and healing the US. Care to join them?

Confronted with crises and human suffering, what do you do?

Dominic Cappello
2 min readDec 3, 2021


We live in a society bombarding your mobile with millions of messages each second. They are not asking you to open your eyes and consider your role in fixing this deeply troubled world.

When has a talking head streaming into your life said, “Isn’t it time we focused on the selfless caring of others?” When was the last time you heard the term altruism?

For those of us watching closely, it’s clear that our nation is a traumatized and traumatizing society of people who are not aware of how trauma runs their lives at home, school, the workplace and online.

We are hurt and then hurt others. We hide from our pain through every means possible — self-medication, mindless consumerism and screen addition. We lack access to healing services. We fail to help those around us and the neighbors across town.

We’re navigating a world of hurt, collapsing under the weight of leadership guided by toxic individualism, greed, delusion and fear, as almost every costly challenge remains ignored and unsolved. But how does a society of 350 million traumatized people find the strength to heal and help one another? The answer is shockingly simple as the problems facing us are predictable and preventable with solutions awaiting implementation.

There exists today a community strategy to address our traumas and ensure we survive the unprecedented challenges caused by a collision of crises — from an ever-evolving pandemic and economic disruptions to adverse childhood experiences, lack of vital services and violent social unrest.

The hypothesis guiding this altruistic strategy called 100% Community, a countywide initiative unfolding across New Mexico, is circular. By healing ourselves we heal our communities. By healing our communities we heal ourselves.

Across fifty fractured states, the choice is stark. We can return to a normal that means enduring trauma, adversity and vulnerability, or we build a new normal where everyone has the best chance at happiness and success in family, school and work life.

Opening one’s eyes to suffering requires trading in delusion and distraction for caring and altruism — the selfless caring of others. If you are committed to social justice, civilized discourse and meaningful and measurable solutions, you are invited to radical altruism — caring enough to create a thriving society where 100% can heal.

To learn more about radical altruism and the 100% Community initiative you can implement in your county, there’s a book to guide you and your community to creating a culture of caring.

Visualize! Mobilize! Thrive!

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Dominic Cappello

A NY Times bestselling author, social justice activist, Oprah guest, co-author of The 100% Community Model and Anna, Age Eight.