Are Americans just “terrible people” or are we a deeply traumatized society needing to heal?

Taking the “how terrible are we” test

Are we “terrible” or traumatized?

  1. Adverse childhood experiences that include ten forms of abuse and neglect in the home
  2. Emotional challenges, trauma, untreated mental illness and suicide
  3. Substance misuse and related illness, injury and fatalities
  4. Lack of school readiness with our pre-school age residents
  5. Poor school achievement and school drop out
  6. Domestic violence and related shelter and court costs
  7. Lack of job readiness, unemployment leading to lack of taxable incomes
  8. Workplace challenges like absenteeism due to substance misuse (a result of family trauma)
  9. Overburdened child welfare systems (which in itself is a broken system)
  10. Overburdened first responders and ERs responding to trauma-related challenges
  11. Overall physical challenges and illnesses that weaken our immune systems making us at risk for pandemics (see rates of COVID-related deaths and co-morbidity in your state’s public health reports)
  12. Behaviors impacting public health and safety (denying the use of vaccines and masks)
  13. A pipeline from childhood to the prison systems, a result of institutionalized racism and classism that dooms entire communities to a hopeless future

Creating a New Cultural Norm: Healing and Helping



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