City Hall in a Pandemic: 3 actions to take to avoid 3 really terrible outcomes


No Hospital Beds

We don’t want ambulances with sick people waiting outside hospitals for hours because there are no beds available — all because we did not enforce prudent prevention efforts and build the capacity of health care providers.

What’s your city’s plan when there are no more hospital beds?

No Food Security

We don’t want long lines for food pantries and shelters because we did not address the growing food insecurity as business closures and joblessness increased.

What’s your city’s plan when the food pantries run out of food?

No Housing Security

We don’t want our public parks turned into tent cities (as they did in the crash of 2008) because we didn’t have a plan to support our most vulnerable residents, many homeless with untreated mental health challenges.

What’s your city’s plan for housing when the homeless shelters are full?


Your city’s leaders can assign experts to be newly created department heads, ensuring vital services.

Empower Leadership in Vital Sectors

We do want our city’s leaders in daily communication with the City Directors of Housing Security, Food Security, Medical Care, Mental Health, Education, Child Safety, Jobs and Community Policing — all engaged in ensuring vital services during the pandemic and economic free fall.

Your city’s leaders can push for data-driven strategies and alignment of actions.

Align Actions To Ensure Care

We do want our city’s leaders in daily communication with the City Manager, County Manager, the Governor’s Office and State Public Health to ensure all work is being done in alignment, with data-driven strategies, to create a system of safety and care that serves all city and county residents.

Your city’s leaders can engage online with stakeholders and the public weekly.

Communicate And Invite Dialogue

We do want our city’s leaders in weekly communication with the public to provide updates on progress being made to ensure all residents have the vital services for surviving and thriving — as colliding crises unfold.


If you wonder how a government ensures the safety and health* of its people, see: New Zealand’s response to COVID-19. They are one society, among many, who have a plan and make people’s health the priority.

*The future is what we make it. Join the evolution.

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