Color me treasured: 100% of kids born today can be our #1 priority.

Color me optimistic: The post-pandemic society will be what we make it


100% of kids today can benefit from living in a world where the pandemic taught the adults some important lessons about taking care of one another. Post-pandemic, the health of all children and families can be the #1 priority.

Color me joyful: 100% of kids can enjoy the best early childhood learning programs.
Color me engaged: 100% of students can benefit from fully-resourced community schools.
Color me healthy: 100% of families can have easy access to the best medical and dental care.
Color me supported: Working in and outside the home, 100% of moms and dads can have the parent supports to ensure thriving families.
Color me focused: 100% of young people can have easy access to behavioral health care to address challenges and support solutions.
Color me empowered: 100% of young people can be provided with mentors to guide them through a complex world of choices.
Color me successful: 100% of adults can access the job training that aligns with the current and future job markets to create lives of stability and self-sufficiency.
Color me respected: 100% of our caregiving grandparents (and all elders) can access all the supports required to support good health and opportunities for work and community engagement.
Color me visionary: 100% of elected officials can find the collaborators to create a plan where all residents can access the vital services for surviving and thriving. (Hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness become history.)
Color me “woof”: Because dogs are adorable (and 100% can be well-cared for).

Visualize! Survive! Thrive!

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