Technology allows Mrs. Drew can get a health assessment quickly to determine if onsite care is required.

Your Post-COVID-19 Future: Four fantastic innovations in medical care

Dominic Cappello


COVID-19 recovery means different things to different leaders. In our book, it means we work, county by county, to ensure that everyone has access to the healthcare they need. It also means we use technology, including artificial intelligence, to make all forms of healthcare as user-friendly, cost-effective and efficient as possible.

1. Sandra can review her healthcare options

Sandra can identify all the clinics in her region, explore their offerings, staff profiles, and read their ratings and client comments related to quality of service. This directory also shows where gaps in local services exist.

Technology shows Sandra where highly-rated, family-friendly and affordable care is located.

2. Screening Mr. Joe’s (constant) requests for care

Folks like Mr. Joe call into the clinic quite a bit. We can screen those calls and address many of his concerns without him coming into the clinic.

Technology allows Mr. Joe to get health assessments and self-care advice from the comfort of his home.

3. Getting to Juan’s emergency fast

When it’s urgent, we can screen medical problems within seconds and get emergency services to folks like Juan in minutes.

Technology knows where Juan is, what help he needs and where the closest first responder is.

4. Creating a countywide system of quality care

Medical director Sam, leading the countywide action team on medical care, can communicate daily with all his colleagues in 20 (or 200) clinics, ensuring that timely quality care exists for every county resident. Technology, collaboration and communication increases alignment of services, reduces gaps, promotes cost-effectiveness and establishes a local system of continuous quality improvement.

Technology allows medical leaders to create a seamless countywide system of accessible quality care.

The future is what we make it. Join the evolution.

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