Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Must have some big ideas about surviving and thriving.

If the public sector can date the private sector I see a beautiful relationship and our chances of survival greatly increased


This twenty-part series introduces you to twenty key terms used in a local mobilizing process that you and your community will require to survive and thrive during colliding crises. The articles will reference the three-headed hydras of apathy, envy and fear, those people in positions of power who are fighting to keep a broken status quo.

Concept 18: Private sector partnerships


How best to navigate the colliding crises is a question the private sector needs to be engaged with. This entire chaotic reality we face in our homes, on our mobile devices and outside our front door will not be solved by government leaders alone.

Setting a big table

We need business leaders in each of our 3000+ counties to help leaders in city government and county government to improve the quality of services and increase the quantity of ten vital services for surviving and thriving. As I say over and over (forgive me for repeating this mantra but I will keep at it until it sinks in with local leadership): In an era when technology and artificial intelligence is radically reinventing every product and service on the planet, now is the time for innovative socially-engaged business thinking combined with pragmatic public sector planning.


Invitations should go out now

See 100% Community, Chapter 27: The Chamber of Commerce and Private Sector Must be Full Partners in Ensuring Surviving and Thriving Services

The future is what we make it. Join the evolution.

A NY Times bestselling author, social justice activist, Oprah guest, co-author of Attack of the Three-Headed Hydras, 100% Community and Anna, Age Eight.

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