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The CEO’s of major airlines emailed me to say it’s safe to fly. Should we book a middle seat and party?

During four months of physical isolation I am delighted to report I am now pen pals with the CEO’s of all the major airlines. They send me emails giving me updates on how safe it is in the air. They are doing all sorts of things. One thing they are not doing is making a commitment to not fill the middle seat. Well, would it matter in the long run? Who am I to question a CEO? I am sure he truly cares about my health and safety like so many other industries that got a bail out. I hope to start up correspondence with the CEO’s of the cruise ship world soon.

I am eager to read the scientific studies, published in a peer reviewed journal (not subsidized by the airline industry) about just how wonderfully safe flying (and the journey to and from airports on both sides of the trip) are.

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