The 10 apps to ensure surviving and thriving.

10 Apps to Survive and Thrive

Dominic Cappello
2 min readJun 2, 2020


To navigate a world of pandemics, economic disruptions, social injustice, trauma, health disparities and three-headed hydras of apathy, envy and fear, we (meaning 100% of the population), require:


Medical and dental care

Behavioral health care

Food security programs

Housing security programs



Parent supports (including child care)

Early childhood learning programs

Fully-resourced community schools with health care centers

Youth mentors

Job training aligned to future job markets

How do these 10 apps appear on my phone?

We will secure the ten vital services, county by county, through county/city partnerships. With 1% of the combined budgets of a county government (and all city governments within it), we can create a local program with the sole mission of ensuring the ten services through a collaborative, data-driven and tech-empowered process called continuous quality improvement. This program will launch public and private sector partnerships to address all gaps in services. In the future, you will be able to tap your phone and access all ten services and have a user-friendly experience. That is a future worth working towards, right?

The future is what we make it. Join the evolution.

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Dominic Cappello

A NY Times bestselling author, social justice activist, Oprah guest, co-author of Attack of the Three-Headed Hydras, 100% Community and Anna, Age Eight.