Wonder Woman and Bizarro Superman explain what’s happening to you and your society

Dominic Cappello
6 min readSep 5, 2021


We welcome Wonder Woman, known to our readers as a superhero, friend to earth, and humanitarian from the island nation of Themyscira. We also welcome Bizarro Superman who is a homicidal maniac from the Bizarro world which, as our readers know, is where our doppelgangers exist only in pure evil and insane versions. The Bizarro Code states “Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness!”

Interviewer: We start with Wonder Woman, followed by Bizarro Superman. Can you share your view on what’s been happening on earth?

Wonder Woman: A global pandemic has spread bringing illness and death across the world. It’s disrupted health care, education, jobs and tested the courage and compassion of its people.

Bizarro Superman: No thing new on earth. Humans with money happy. Poor not. All insane which me love.

Interviewer: You two have spent a good amount of time in the United States. How is that nation coping their current situation?

Wonder Woman: It is a deeply divided society where resources are not shared as they should be. There exists a long history of inequality and injustice yet I see acts of loving kindness and potential for a society guided by altruism.

Bizarro Superman: USA be like Bizarro world. It’s people love to say it cares and do no thing. Apathy be action.

Interviewer: People across the nation are scared and angry. They argue instead of solve problems. Why is that?

Wonder Woman: It’s complicated. I would say that one problem is toxic individualism. Much of the national culture promotes a philosophy of selfishness and worship of material possessions. I do believe that the pandemic has been the catalyst for a rethinking of values and I am cautiously optimistic that instead of acting out of fear, people will unite around common causes.

Bizarro Superman: Argue good. Fear better. Solve things bad. Hate we like on Bizarro world.

Interviewer: In a pandemic, access to timely quality health care becomes a priority. How do you rate the health care systems in the US?

Wonder Woman: The US has invented amazing medical care. All its leaders have to do now is ensure everyone has access to it. Health care policy can be guided by the selfless caring of others.

Bizarro Superman: Humans get sick. Rich get well to live long. Me see no problem. Your health care is for hurting like on Bizarro world. Me happy.

Interviewer: Can you speak a little bit about the mental health of the US population and people’s access to behavioral health care?

Wonder Woman: The US is, in many ways, a traumatized society. Epidemic rates of childhood adversity, abuse and neglect have diminished the lives of children and created an adult population that are not only living with untreated trauma but are not aware of this fact. Sadly, mental health care in its many forms is out of reach for many residents.

Bizarro Superman: Me no crazy.

Interviewer: With the pandemic came lockdowns that closed many businesses and increased joblessness. What can the US do to create crisis-proof jobs that lead to economic self-sufficiency for all residents?

Wonder Woman: That question gets to the heart of the problem in all fifty states. The US is a place where there is no job security which leads to those feelings of fear we discussed earlier. If one loses a job, one quite literally can hit the street pavement as vital support services to address housing and food insecurity may not exist. People require jobs that pay well with benefits like health care and flex time, along with opportunities for upward mobility.

Bizarro Superman: People lazy. We no help on Bizarro world. Helping hurting. Me strong. Me survive.

Interviewer: The US is a federation with fifty states that have their own laws, cultures, levels of economic prosperity and history of caring for its residents. People have been raised to believe the US president solves problems on the local level. Do you see solutions to the collision of crises developed more effectively on the federal or state level?

Wonder Woman: If I may be so bold, the US operates like fifty countries under some sort of empire-like entity run by billionaires. I see a future where all fifty states evolve into engines for problem-solving. Each one has the capacity to invent their own state systems for some form of universal health care, early childhood learning programs, fully-resourced community schools, along with creating access for all to food security and housing security programs and job training aligned with future job markets. Other worlds have accomplished this quite easily, starting with a shared vision that leads to a culture of caring.

Bizarro Superman. Control at top is our way in Bizarro world. It be so bad for states they crumble. People say US president to fix all. So insane. Me love.

Interviewer: Can we talk about what the people and corporations of US are doing to the environment?

Wonder Woman: I do sometimes weep for the species.

Bizarro Superman: Humans kill own planet. Even Bizarro World no do that.

Interviewer: Many US residents have access to the internet, which means access to a repository of the world’s wisdom and solutions for every problem known to humankind. How do you see humans using this amazing tool in the era of unprecedented social challenges?

Wonder Woman: May I say that I see much potential.

Bizarro Superman: Me see binge watching and buying. Me click like.

Interviewer: Some say that the pandemic has been some sort of test of humanity. Thoughts?

Wonder Woman: Yes, I can see that. And I believe the good people of the US are up to the challenge.

Bizarro Superman: Humans fail. Me see selfish not helping. No Justice League to save puny idiot people this time.

Interviewer: You two have been to many worlds and seen many societies. How do you rate the odds of the US being able to evolve into a caring society that takes care of all its people?

Wonder Woman: I believe in humans and a society’s capacity to grow. I know champions exist in the US to lead the people to altruism and a society where the selfless caring of others is the norm and all are given the opportunity to thrive.

Bizarro Superman: Wonder Woman no get it. USA people no understand. They are now also Bizarro world. They love hate. They hurt to not help. Humans say they care and see chaos and do no thing. Me love Bizarro US.

Wonder Woman: Listen, Bizarro Superman. Can we take this outside?

Visualize! Mobilize! Thrive!

Please excuse any typos as I construct an article at 3am on only one cup of joe. These stories are mine and mine alone. I do not represent any organization here. All cartoon characters are pure fiction and any resemblance to real humans, Bizarro residents, or three-headed hydras is total coincidence. Words and images ©Dominic Cappello but share with everyone you know. Questions? Push to front of reading list: 100% Community: Ensuring 10 vital services for surviving and thriving and Attack of the Three-Headed Hydras: Confronting Apathy, Envy and Fear on the road to saving humans and the future. Better yet, let‘s meet at the EYE bookcafe to share a latte and discuss the YES! OpEd.



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