Wonder Woman and Bizarro Superman explain what’s happening to you and your society


Interviewer: We start with Wonder Woman, followed by Bizarro Superman. Can you share your view on what’s been happening on earth?

Interviewer: You two have spent a good amount of time in the United States. How is that nation coping their current situation?

Interviewer: People across the nation are scared and angry. They argue instead of solve problems. Why is that?

Interviewer: In a pandemic, access to timely quality health care becomes a priority. How do you rate the health care systems in the US?

Interviewer: Can you speak a little bit about the mental health of the US population and people’s access to behavioral health care?

Interviewer: With the pandemic came lockdowns that closed many businesses and increased joblessness. What can the US do to create crisis-proof jobs that lead to economic self-sufficiency for all residents?

Interviewer: The US is a federation with fifty states that have their own laws, cultures, levels of economic prosperity and history of caring for its residents. People have been raised to believe the US president solves problems on the local level. Do you see solutions to the collision of crises developed more effectively on the federal or state level?

Interviewer: Can we talk about what the people and corporations of US are doing to the environment?

Interviewer: Many US residents have access to the internet, which means access to a repository of the world’s wisdom and solutions for every problem known to humankind. How do you see humans using this amazing tool in the era of unprecedented social challenges?

Interviewer: Some say that the pandemic has been some sort of test of humanity. Thoughts?

Interviewer: You two have been to many worlds and seen many societies. How do you rate the odds of the US being able to evolve into a caring society that takes care of all its people?

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A NY Times bestselling author, social justice activist, Oprah guest, co-author of Attack of the Three-Headed Hydras, 100% Community and Anna, Age Eight.